Big Blast Blows as Propane Tank Goes Boom-Bang

In my new home town of Sonoma in Sonoma County, CA, USA, as my heart-throbber Tamala and I were jaunting off to Costco on a saucy shopping spree for knickers and bra, when we saw smoke, white, that told of a grass fire. But soon the smoke turned an ominous black, curdling the sky with a plume of uncontrolled terror. We were diverted away from the scene by cops who closed the road. But soon our journey took us to a vantage point that gave us a view straight out of a movie. There before us, across the road was the blaze. There were helicopters dropping water scooped from nearby ponds. We drove on, with the belching coal-black smoke roiling in clouds drifting over the Bay-Area. Suddenly… “Oh my god – look at that!” I screamed.

Here’s the video….