Funky Old Attidudes

Women’s lib happened for me on Thursday, 6 October 1971 at 3:30 PM, in the studio at the newsweekly, Ink, when the wittily observant beauty Cassandra Wedd said I should, “Wise up.” It struck me in a flash – that what I had begun to learn about mens’ attitudes towards women in the previous five years or so was in need of repair. The times had changed – time to get with it. I talked to the hilarious man-skewer Germaine Greer, read Simone DeBouvoir’s ‘Second Sex,’ walked through a door before a woman (and later reverted to tradition), I did some washing-up, learned to cook, the whole works. I’ve spoken with other people, men and women, and they often agreed that the change in attitudes between the sexes around that time was sudden for those who got it. But some never learned, and I don’t think my friend, Herr Barney B. ever did. He was still writing to me in 1976 that he and his mates were trying to get over “misogyny.’ I have a strong feeling he seldom or never scrubbed a floor, washed the dishes or thought a woman smarter than himself.

I’ve been a-musing on the subject ‘cos my newly wooed darling, the adorable Tamala, had concerns that I had an interest in bondage, having seen my recent posts – and was considering the possible ramifications. Happily, being tied or tying doesn’t do it for either of us, but the subject arose and led to discussions before the air was cleared. Nowadays honesty in relationships is uppermost, healthy and hella fun. Collossal orgasms, cleaner dishes, better food and, ah yes, what a great life….