Sid the Ripper in Hitler protest

Today in Sonoma on Broadway outside the post office I saw two suspected Tea Party activists with “Impeach Obama” posters hawking for votes, no problem – except they were displaying posters with Hitler’s ugly moustache on Obama’s face. I complained to both the women at the table, saying, “I think that’s disgusting.” As I walked away I saw there was a woman also walking away obviously distraut, I think she was jewish. She was crying, whispering to herself “That’s so disgusting” In the post office, she was inside, sobbing her eyes out. I said to her “That upset me also, I told them what I thought, and used a finger” I stewed a bit, then marched back to the table, irate, livid, steaming and intent on mayhem. I grabbed a poster with both hands and ripped it down, grabbed a second and tore it away too. Then marched off, a proud Ripper, saying to myself, “My grand-dad died in Auschwitz, I’ll be damned if I don’t avenge his memory.” The two at the table started to video me, and called the police, complaining that I’d violated their first ammendment rights. I said, “Go ahead, I’ll be pleased to curse you in court.” We drove away, adrenaline coursing through my veins, elated that I’d won one for the Ripper.
(My punk name back in the sixties and since was ‘Sid Squeek,’ Sid does random acts of non-violence and senseless acts of atrition.)

As an added note to the above, later in the day just as I was about to about to speak to to the the man in the frame shop next to the post office and ask him, “What do you think of the Hitler posters?” he said exacty the same thing to me,”What do you think of the Hitler posters?” When I told him what I had done, he grinned, and shook my hand. That evening I spoke with another guy, proudly telling him what I had done, he also responded,by shaking my hand, and added that if he saw the poster – he’d burn it.