The first person in the USA to ingest LSD: Dr. Bercel and his Monteray Pier spiders

I am the Dr.Bercel expert here. In 1969 Dr. B paid for his daughter, Ms.D and myself to fly to LA from London to get her eyes seen too. She had been eating unpasturized goats’ milk in northern Italy. She had bugs for which the cure was steroids. She didn’t take the steroids though. Anyway, the good doc was a shrink, with Marylyn Monroe as a patient, he was writing a paper on schitzophrenia. To study them he fed both LSD and serum from his patients to spiders he collected from the underside of Monteray pier. The spiders were from India, they arrived in Monteray through the East India trade. The spiders wove very intricately symmetrical webs. The spiders on schitzoid serum went all wobbly and unsymmetrical, the acid fed aracnids wove perfect webs. Dr. B got his LSD from the company in Switzerland that the inventor Herr Hoffman worked for. Dr.B ingested LSD once, “It changed my life.” he told me. This was I think in 1954. (Dr.B died about three years ago)