In 1968 When barney came back from San Francisco to our apartment  at Leigh Court, he was busy showing off the trophies of his trip, which included a Zap Comic #1 for me (which I promptly lost), and telling stories of his adventures with the Greatful Dead. He said wryly, “I think they thought I was cute. Hey.” He told how he went on a trip with a joint (to what may have been Tilden Park on the other side of the Berkeley hills) where Jerry and Barney sitting on a rock, smoking, discussed how they were going to take over the world.

I ask Barney, “Didja ever meet Janis?”

Barney grins, goes, “Yeah. We did it. All of us… Pigpen.” This was all told in the self depreciating, abbreviated cool of  the day, where gossip was avoided and our blokish bonhomie allowed for litttle Nosey Parkering.

It was never mentioned again.