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  • davidwills 7:44 pm on February 1, 2013 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 1983, , , Buddy Holly, , , , Heartbeat, instant records, , line records, Phillip Goodhand Tait   

    Barney Bubbles – Heartbeat 

    With Valentine’s Day approaching, and matters of the heart coming to the fore, here displayed for your timely appreciation is Barney Bubbles’ sleeve for Phillip Goodhand-Tait’s 1983 single ‘Heartbeat’. A track originally recorded by Buddy Holly, an icon Barney was happy to often parody in his graphixeffex. My London correspondents (whom I thank for the image) tell me this was one of the last sleeves Barney designed.

    • Rooksby 10:41 pm on February 13, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      David, I’ve been visiting this site on a semi-regular basis since the 1st edition of Reasons to Be Cheerful appeared, & I just wanted to say that – several years on – it’s as fascinating & inspiring as it ever was. More power to you, sir – keep it Bubblin’. 🙂

  • davidwills 3:49 pm on November 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Barney Bubbles – Got Proof? 

    Welcome again readers to the magic theatre of Barney Bubbles. Here for the first time ever – and for your continued viewing delight – we have a previously hidden treasure, gather ’round as I explain… Shown above on the left is a rare proof of a poster Barney designed for Elvis Costello’s LP ‘Get Happy’ in 1980. See how it uses yellow, red and black; an early colour test (printed in small numbers and not even trimmed) later abandoned in favour of the main print run’s orange, mauve and black. No longer just an X on the map, but found, dug up and shared!

    Images kindly donated by Barney historians R&M.

    • Willi 8:05 pm on December 3, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      never a dull bub ble

  • davidwills 6:59 pm on November 1, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , Get Happy, , , , , Prog Rock, Psychedelic, , Roadhawks   

    Barney Bubbles – Progressive's Progressives 

    What is this cornucopia of visual soda-pop we see below I hear you thirsty readers ask. It’s several Barney Bubbles posters, each shown in their successive stages of printing. Gasp in delight as you observe the inks being added one-by-one to create the final artistic vision. Pics hunted out by Barney boffins R&M (yes, them again) and shared here for your delight. Labels have been added to the pics to explain the ink build-up. Stay tuned for more inky tales…

    The colors in the progressives were borrowed from the Victorian era original copy of the Encyclopedia of Design and Decoration, 1885 or so, that I have mentioned before. Barney re-ownershipped the book when it was decomissioned from Twickenham art school use, and regularly used the multiplicity of extraordinary color combinations shewn therein in his works. The color-combination for the first Hawkwind poster was from a Moorish fabric design. The book was printed in something like 32 self-colors, some of which I’m sure were vegetable derived. The book is now worth a lot in the original printing.

    Progressive print stages of Barney Bubbles Hawkwind poster. 1970s.

    Progressive print stages of Barney Bubbles Hawkwind poster. 1970s.

    Progressive print stages of Barney Bubbles Elvis Costello poster. 1980s.

    • D.Cheema 10:01 pm on November 2, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Thirsty work!

  • davidwills 6:31 pm on November 1, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: andre the giant, , , Barrack Obama, , , giant, , , , obey, obey the giant, , , , Shepard Fairey, , Street Art,   

    Obey The Bubbles 

    Welcome thrill-seekers to an impromptu Barney Bubbles / Shepard Fairey mash-up. Made possible by reshuffling some of Shepard Fairey’s LPs that appear as part of his current exhibition in London. Cunningly created onsite by my London correspondents R&M.

    All “Shepard who”? He’s the Obey Giant guy; Barrack Obama’s Hope street artist of choice.

    Show is at The Stolen Space Gallery, The Old Truman Brewery, Off Brick Lane, London E1. Closes on November 4th.

  • davidwills 2:46 pm on October 24, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: apt gift, bucket-list, bucket-list bucket, gift for those investors who have everything, gift for those who have everything, holiday gifts for investors, investments   

    For those investors on your gift list who, having everything else, still need a Bucket for their Bucket-List. 

    For the investors on your gift-list who have it all, here’s what you’re looking for… The Bucket-List Bucket.

    We can now release a very limited edition of 10 traditional New England style Bucket-List Buckets.

    Multi-use, the Bucket-List Bucket is primarily marketed to be used as an executive file for the private or corporate portfolio. But in addition the Bucket may also be used in a wishing well, as a fire prevention aid, or a flower-vase. The Bucket comes with a short history and explanation of the term Bucket-List.

    Hand-made by master-craftsman Steven Wenzel at his cooperage in Sparta, New Jersey, using custom-cut quarter sawn Eastern white–pine staves. The angle and taper are backed, hollowed and listed using a 150-year-old cooper’s long jointer for bevelling and tapering, plus a draw-knife hollower or staveshave (like a spokeshave). The staves are bound with hand forged rivets in planished 20-guage mild-steel hoops.

    Measuring about fourteen-inches high by twelve in diameter, the Bucket is a clever, slightly lopsided, ergonomic design, made originaly to be comfortably carried in pairs using a yoke. The stout handle is also hand made from local grown Philipine Abaca plant leaf yarn, and twisted on a 50-foot ropewalk.

    The bucket arrives a splendidly pristine white and packed in recycled cardboard. When soaked overnight the Bucket will become waterproof and aquire a pleasing patina.

    In addition the Bucket arrives with a beautiful dove-tailed white-pine Spill Box (similar to a pencil box) with sliding lid and filled with over 25 candle-wick lighter-spills. The Spills are made to transfer fire from the hearth for lighting candles, clay-pipes or bonfires. They are formed of tightly curled shavings using a specialy designed 18th-century spiller tool.

    Order this exclusive and apt gift now.

    Send a $350.00 check, money or banker’s order made out to David Wills.
    Please allow up to 15 days delivery, UPS

    Bucket-List Bucket
    1260 Page Street, San Francisco, California 94117, USA

  • davidwills 3:22 pm on October 20, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: alex darcy, anne townsend, berti, candida, cary richardson, charles shaar murray, chris allen, , , deyan sudjic, eddie allen, , henry harcus, john dreyer, oz 28, , oz obscenity trial, peter popham, richard neville, rob january, robb douglas, school kids issue, school kids oz, stephen williams, steve lavers, t.i. bradford, trudi, , viv kylastron   

    Oz 28 – School Kids Issue 

    Here’s my copy of School Kids Oz #28, currently held in custardy (sic) in some lock-up somewhere. I worked on this issue. Page order is from left to right, top to bottom. Click on a spread to view the pages larger as a slideshow. Want to supersize a spread?: Click ‘View Full Size’ (bottom right) when in slideshow mode and then click on the image again to further magnify. The only limitation is your imagination – Vwwrreee!

  • davidwills 12:04 am on October 18, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ,   

    Bit of a shrink are you then? 

    Focus like the devil, Barney chewed on a project with lazer intensity, not letting up night or day till the job was done. Unless he didn’t. Leaving the washing up to others, scalpel safely in hand, he’d cut the card.

    His masterly powers of persuasion were honed to a blast – none could avoid his masterly twist, hooked you were caught and at one with the show.

    Independent of authority our Barney was a one for not doing what he was told, do the opposite like as not.

    Egocentric, the world revolved round his nibs.

    At ease with the pain of others.

  • davidwills 4:04 am on September 29, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    David Wills and Daughter Alessandra Break the Fourth Wall 

    • R & M 5:24 pm on October 5, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      hang on a minute… so what’s that mean then… is it there or is it not there eh?

  • davidwills 8:58 pm on June 23, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    Barney B in Tv drama 

    Recallerama ramble.

    I tell this tale because I’ve often had it in the back of my notes for this ‘log that Barney B the eminent graphic designer was of the mod ‘TV generation,’ (in a way that I for instance am not) and that he ‘got’ it, no matter what, before anyone else, by weeks sometimes, but by long times too, and getting ‘TV’ was one of ’em. It’s what got him so tight with New Wave graphics in the early eighties.

    I was watching these two old geezers, Sid Croak and Tom Blather or the like, tout their really hip book with Peter Coyote at the local on Haight Street last Thursday. They were both a year older than I am, though seemed of a vastly different age, ancient and gnarled.

    These two old guys reminded me, with their talk of how the guiding principle of the ’67 era was “Never earn money” or its equivalent, “We’re not in it for cash.” that this was true of Barney B the artist. Of course it didn’t stop Barney from trying at times with fists and tricks to get money from folk. Getting paid by many people is often difficult. Even his gentlemanly benefactor, Justin DeBlanc (who invented the mint confection ‘After Eight’) was a trifle stingy with the check-book. But then its seems to me most people are.

    Also, Barney was of the ‘TV’ age, enjoyed watching commercial TV, he saw it with an ironic fan’s eye and used it to enlarge his palette of ideas. The two old codgers were never of the TV generation, though I think Peter Coyote is. Funny that. Good book, check it out.

    • David Tuthill 12:51 pm on August 15, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      I was at Twickenham 62-66 – have posted several pics on Good to see this site is keeping updated. Recently found some photos of Lorry – 1964 – though not in Barney Bubbles context. How to email them to you?

    • Sam Waterburry 10:18 pm on September 2, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Here’s a video with all, well – many, heads like King Tut

  • davidwills 4:57 pm on June 23, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    High kids. I was musing about ancient Egypt and a mummy head I’d seen when it struck me as obvious that the graphic thinker, Barney B (AKA Colin Fulcher), had a bonce (head) quite similar to that of King Tut and his chaps, so I expect that Barney’s naming of his son Aten, as in Atenatun, Tut’s dad, had a bit more than just exotica in mind. The title of King Barney B seems apt – I think Barney thought he was a reincarnation of the lineage. His grand megalomania combined with a dose of his plain ol’ mania could easily arrive at a conviction of his descent from Moses’ sister with child at the court of the Egyptians. Could explain a lot about Barney’s intuitive arrival at mystically blatant answers to irrational puzzles.

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