For those investors on your gift list who, having everything else, still need a Bucket for their Bucket-List. 

For the investors on your gift-list who have it all, here’s what you’re looking for… The Bucket-List Bucket.

We can now release a very limited edition of 10 traditional New England style Bucket-List Buckets.

Multi-use, the Bucket-List Bucket is primarily marketed to be used as an executive file for the private or corporate portfolio. But in addition the Bucket may also be used in a wishing well, as a fire prevention aid, or a flower-vase. The Bucket comes with a short history and explanation of the term Bucket-List.

Hand-made by master-craftsman Steven Wenzel at his cooperage in Sparta, New Jersey, using custom-cut quarter sawn Eastern white–pine staves. The angle and taper are backed, hollowed and listed using a 150-year-old cooper’s long jointer for bevelling and tapering, plus a draw-knife hollower or staveshave (like a spokeshave). The staves are bound with hand forged rivets in planished 20-guage mild-steel hoops.

Measuring about fourteen-inches high by twelve in diameter, the Bucket is a clever, slightly lopsided, ergonomic design, made originaly to be comfortably carried in pairs using a yoke. The stout handle is also hand made from local grown Philipine Abaca plant leaf yarn, and twisted on a 50-foot ropewalk.

The bucket arrives a splendidly pristine white and packed in recycled cardboard. When soaked overnight the Bucket will become waterproof and aquire a pleasing patina.

In addition the Bucket arrives with a beautiful dove-tailed white-pine Spill Box (similar to a pencil box) with sliding lid and filled with over 25 candle-wick lighter-spills. The Spills are made to transfer fire from the hearth for lighting candles, clay-pipes or bonfires. They are formed of tightly curled shavings using a specialy designed 18th-century spiller tool.

Order this exclusive and apt gift now.

Send a $350.00 check, money or banker’s order made out to David Wills.
Please allow up to 15 days delivery, UPS

Bucket-List Bucket
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