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  • davidwills 12:49 am on March 8, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Fulcher shows that life is not a pinup 

    This photograph, that may have been a time delay release exposure taken by Colin Fulcher (later known as Barney B) of himself and a friend who I dimly rem as being a co-worker, in 1964(?). He showed the photograph to me when we moved into Leigh Court in West Ken, London. In explaining it to me he said he was holding the unretouched humanity of a friend in one hand and the lie of the studio model in the other. I think the pinup is from the 1963 Pirelli calender by Bob Gill (facts anybody?) Fulcher said he was trying to show an idea visually; he explained it to me at length, saying he was not happy with  the setup  or the lighting, but liked the idea, of contrasting the unreal mask and his friend’s ‘real’ face. Maybe someone else took it, either way, he was unhappy with it. The lighting’s too flat. He thought I could do better.

    But anyway, apart from the fact of what he intended to be doing visually, Fulcher felt that doing this as just an exercise was a waste, that we (everything was ‘we’) needed to be more realer, to do stuff in fact. This was to be his last piece as a ‘student’ from now on he wanted to do real. I said “OK. So let’s…” That led to us working on making that idea solid, we’d make an actual ‘real’ poster to create an Image, with Burge as the star. We’d create the Image before the band.

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    Quite normal theatre. 

    In May 1983, Barney tells me that his parents had seen a picture of himself that you can see, uncaptioned apart from a date, in gorham’s book, Reasons to Be Cheerful, on page 136, where Barney has set up a picture, hands outstretched, as though he was hanging himself from the lamp. Barney says this was used as proof one time that “I was nuts.” Barney went on to say, “I don’t know why they chose that to show the shrink, I think it’s quite normal theatre, don’t you? I can think of a few things I’ve done to show being more weird than that, right?” The picture may be older than the 1980 it’s credited as in the gorham book, but considering the veracity its source that’s probably a correct date.

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    Invite to the Sounds Good Evening and more about the Perkinjean hallucination giro 

    Just came across these in the ol’ box o’ trix. This is the 1967 invitation to the ‘Sounds good evening’ (my words) a multi-dimensional extra-mural feast for all, including students from Twickenham art-school that Barney Burge and I concocted. The letterhead was designed by Barney and printed at Terrence Conran’s expense. This is a very rare, maybe the only(?) instance of a ‘Colin Fulcher’ credit.

    And here I reproduce the crib that Barney used for the Blockhead’s logo (197?). It is from, if I recall correctly, a rad book publishing house of the 30’s. Barney’s inspired version below..


    Photograph by David Wills Copyright! 2010 Barney the film director in action (1967) with his trusty super eight film movie camera on which he shot the world’s first made for TV music ‘video.’ He is looking through the view finder of my twin lens Yashica.

    Warning: Use of the Perkingean pattern assembly rotating giro (mentioned previously in this series of posts) can cause epileptic seizures and may result in irreparable harm if practiced in unsafe conditions such as a cliff edge

    Over at http://www.livescience.com/strangenews/081123-hallucinations.html you may see on this site excellent science gossip, it’s a place of transcendent know-it-alls – and where you may find wise words about the Perkinge effect. For instance, Patrizia Broghammer and Hermes Trismegistus both wrote on the subject. Thanks to them both and their host Live Science, for allowing me, in another dimension, the permission to quote you in full:

    Patrizia Broghammer says: “I think I have a simpler explanation of hallucinations.

    I do not agree that they are “located in the world around us, not in the mind’s eye”.

    It is exactly the opposite.

    Assuming that we do not see the world, but we see the world reflected by our eyes (in fact just consider how much sharper a vision is with glasses and how different reality can look seen under the lenses of a microscope) hallucinations are nothing else than a distorted transmission of what our eyes see or our ears hear or what our nose smells.

    If you send to the brain stimulus in a different way or if you distort the way stimulus are sent, you have hallucinations.

    You look at the same thing, but the conditions and the transmission of what you see is different.

    The same can happen without hallucinations, just with the brain conditioned by what we read or know.

    How much different a music sounds to our ears when we know it, or a painting looks when we actually are explained about it.”

    And HermesTrismegistus wrote:

    “ …  The idea that hallucinations are manifestations of extra-dimensional perception isn’t all that new, and one I agree with to a large extent.  Leary based a large portion of his research on a very similar premise.  Perception is an odd thing.  What’s labeled “real” and “hallucination” is largely subject to what the majority perceives.  There is no absolute way to define reality simply because those definitions of perception are themselves a product of individual perception.  Who’s to say those defining what is real and what isn’t aren’t hallucinating?  Delusions, when labeled “reality” by the majority, become so because people perceive them as such.”

    • rebecca and mike 9:56 am on January 10, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      it was very nice to see the A1 Good Guyz letterpaper make an appearance here… there are just a few other times you see a ‘Colin Fulcher’ credit in print, and those few times are usually in relation to his Conran work, but yes, certainly much rarer than his later ‘Barney Bubbles’ credit (which wasn’t exactly plentiful either!).

  • davidwills 5:35 pm on October 6, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Nik Turner pictured and Lemmy named in Elvis Costello advert 

    pic: courtesy of Rebecca and Mike*  To see it up big, click on’t.

    hi David. well, we plunged into the Barney Bubbles tombola and pulled out this item for you. hopefully your readers will enjoy seeing this.

    okay… so… this is an advert Barney designed for Elvis Costello’s LP ‘This Years Model’ 1978. this is one of a series of adverts that Barney designed for the LP, all were on different themes. this one (as you can see) is themed ‘Drugs’. the pic is big enough for you folks to be able to read the labels and have a go at decoding it; we can argue between ourselves in the comments department over who is who and what means what, and warm Siberia up a bit.

    of immediate interest to Hawkwind readers might be that Nik Turner and Lemmy both make an appearance in this Elvis Costello advert (that’s Nik in the top middle picture, and Lemmy is name-checked under the top right picture).

    David W writes: Down in the comments dungeon it is explained that the top right picture is of Little Tony, not Hawkwind’s Lemmy although that is what the caption implies.

    I would expect that this was designed as a center spread with no split, and got shoved elsewhere by Jarvis in production, I don’t think Barney would have designed an everything-centred layout if he had known it was going to be split. Factis, if I recall aright, it was a bit unusual for the Ol’boy to center anything if he could help it. So prove me wrong. I remember having some circles with type in them, I asked “Flush left or centred?” and he answered quick as a spark, “Flush left!” with the implied “Of course, you idiot.”

    *Who may, in due course, resend another shot of this ad, perhaps with a sheet of glass on top for extra flatness, with the full-frontal of Nik showing in the across-the-back split at the fold so that our Nik T fans can admire his charm.

    Outraged Barnophiles gibe: there’s a lot of centred barney texts, like there’s a lot of ranged left (or right) texts.

    there’s also a lot of barney design that is willfully designed to not fit the format…

    DW: And so it is that wise things are said that refute my mumblings and wise me up – especially when used with the word ‘wilfully’ to describe The B. Wilfull is of the essence.

    RM: glass?

    DW: Ok, no glass then, how ’bout showing all the ink that is currently hid by overlapping pages?

    RM: words split by a fold?

    boy, you is gettin old and cranky

    DW: Got that right. I called myself ‘Eric Stodge’ for a reason.

    RM: but, we are still friends okay! LOL! 🙂

    • Phil Franks 5:41 am on October 7, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      That top right image looks nothing at all like Lemmy.

      Could it be Little Tony?

    • rebecca and mike 6:44 am on October 7, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      you’re right phil, top right is definitely not Lemmy, but underneath the pic it says ‘Lemmys sulphate’: that’s what we were referring to when we said Lemmy makes an appearance by being name-checked under the pic. we didn’t mean the actual pic itself. apologies for any unintentional confusion!

    • rebecca and mike 7:04 am on October 7, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      the bottom right image is the Canadian flag and it says ‘Keith Richard’ underneath it. got this explanatory text from Wikipedia:

      “The most serious charges Richards faced resulted from his arrest on 27 February 1977 at Toronto’s Harbour Castle Hote, when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police found him in possession of “22 grams of heroin”. Richards was originally charged with “possession of heroin for the purpose of trafficking” – an offence that under the Criminal Code of Canada can result in prison sentences of seven years to life. His passport was confiscated and Richards and his family remained in Toronto until 1 April, when Richards was allowed to enter the United States on a medical visa for treatment for heroin addiction. The charge against him was later reduced to “simple possession of heroin”.

    • Phil Franks 7:25 am on October 7, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      R&M – you do say Lemmy is “name-checked” so any confusion is purely in my own mind.

      The more I look at it the more I’m convinced the photo is of Little T.

      The pills could be Mandrax, widely used in those days…

    • rebecca and mike 6:24 pm on October 8, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      The pills in the bottom left?

      They’re single-scored and have the imprint Roche 2, which according to online drug identification resources would suggest they’re Diazepam, which was first marketed as Valium by Roche. http://www.pharmer.org/images/foreign/diazepam-roche-2

      The phrase under the pic says Valium too, so perhaps this particular image and word combination is one of the more straightforward ones in the advert! We believe that Mandrax was marketed by Roussel, so would never have carried the Roche imprint.

      We’ve read that Valium is used for a variety of conditions; the treatment of panic attacks and the treatment of overdosage with hallucinogens being a couple examples. However, we’re not drug experts, so please always consult a doctor first!

    • davidwills 12:41 am on October 11, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Barney and I would swap tales of adventure and daring, on the occassions when we met, he’d tell of his latest escapades, and mentioned one time as how he’d used Tony in an ad, that it was amusing and drug related. What year we talking here, 1977?

    • rebecca and mike 6:54 pm on October 11, 2009 Permalink | Reply


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