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  • davidwills 1:28 am on July 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Many of Colin Fulcher’s (AKA Barney Bubblles) album covers to be seen 

    I just found this
    Which means it’s probably been around a while. ‘Tis a view of much of the Colin Fucher (AKA Barney Bubbles) ouvre, I could correct one or two things in the biography, but a it’s good show and worth a visit.
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    The glossy, brightly coloured illustrations by Denis McLoughlin in the Buffalo Bill Wild West Annual 

    The glossy, brightly coloured illustrations by Trent Magreggor ? (no – see below) in the Buffalo Bill Wild West Annual of 1958 were a big influence on Colin Fulcher. I’d been looking for the artist for a while and came across the reference to the book in Kieth Richards’ book ‘Life.’

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      I think the editor was John Groom, but who was the illustator?

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      The Comic Art of Denis McLoughlin No. 1: A Comics Monographs Special Issue ~ Book ~ Stated first edition, 2007. Perfect bound, 102 pages including covers, illustrated in black and white.

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    Barney Bubbles Tulips – An Open and Shut Case 

    Well regarded Barney Bubbles historians RandM (or for those unfamiliar, Rebecca and Mike) have forwarded this seasonal contribution from their Barney symbolism files, for which we are truly thankful… thank you folks!

    Hi David,

    Well, it’s Spring-time, so we thought you might like us to make a Spring-related contribution to your blog.

    In 1972 Barney Bubbles designed the cover to Quiver’s LP ‘Gone In The Morning’ in a faux-marquetry style (although the stained glass in the centre of the design was on real glass, but sadly got accidentally smashed many years ago). We’ve commented before that the flowers on the front of this LP are tulips, but maybe now is a good time to dig a little deeper (if you’ll pardon the gardening pun) into the symbolism of them.

    Quiver Gone In The Morning LP 1972 - Designed by Barney Bubbles

    Tulips (spring-blooming perennials) grow from bulbs, and these bulbs can be seen towards the bottom of the design on the front and back of the LP. Tulips respond to the daily rhythm of light and dark, causing them to open and close, and so on the back of the LP Barney has shown the tulips closed (accompanied by a photo of a partially obscured sun, presumably a sunrise), and on the front of the LP has shown the tulips open (accompanied by the fully lit stained glass design). The tulips’ opening and closing  – or coming and going – with light and dark is a reference to the LP’s title ‘Gone In The Morning’. It doesn’t stop there though, the flowers and bulbs also represent arrows (the bulbs are the arrowheads and the flowers are the flights), a reference to the band’s name Quiver.
    Barney’s work is like a visual cryptic crossword, but a crossword that doesn’t help by letting you know how many letters are in the answer!
    The band’s bassist Bruce Thomas subsequently played with Elvis Costello and The Attractions, which regular readers of your blog will know Barney did a lot of work for too.
    Best wishes,
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    Funky Paul Olsen trips down Memory Lane 

    David Wills to Funky Paul Olsen: I’m often reminded of why you left England the first time (in 1967); it was when you were charged for a paper bag in Safeway that you thought should be free. Funny that. I’m collecting up ol’ memories –  with Giana and Aten Skinner, Kate Moon, Judi Cowper, Pat Synge, Bob Wagner, Phil Franks, and you, recounting it all makes a vivid picture.

    Paul Olsen:I moved into 307 on December 21, 1969 and lived in the first floor front room, over the “shop” front, and moved out in May of 1970. I had my huge Monopoly painting on the wall in my room, plus lots of my Fillmore and Avalon posters.(Wills says: When Barney and I met up in the seventies sometime, ’75 or so, we visited Little Tony in what had been the old Frendz office and the Monopoly board painting was still there.)

    DW: And Barney was stoned on LSD a good part of the time… 
    PO: – aint that the truth,
    DW: Got anything to add to the Barney memories

    Old Candy wrappers
    PO: Not much….Barney stayed with me part of the time he was in SF…. 1069 Church street… between 20th and 21st… that’s where he came and stayed with me. I don’t know where else he stayed. I remember him being so overwhelmed at being in San Francisco where it was all happening, and that he took LSD one day and wandered down to the park nearby where I lived where they were having a fair, and he came back with some old candy wrappers exclaiming how beautiful they were… he was flying.

    DW says : Barney told me at conversations spread over time that he stayed a while in a Grateful Dead safe-house, with ‘Pete’ and ‘Rick’ (or similar) at 534 Ashbury, (which, co-incidentaly, is where I have now lived for 40 years or so.) it’s where Pigpen hung out in 68, he had a keyboard there. Pigpen and Janis played and sang in the front room. Barney said, “I did it all with them. Yeah, Janis too.”

    Wills: These were some of his choices.
    “Flying saucers,” candy buttons, Appleheads, Atomic Fireballs, Bazooka Gum (10-pack), Boston baked beans, Bottlecaps, bubblegum cigar, bubblegum cigarettes, candy cigarettes, candy lipstick, candy necklace, Charms Pop, Cherryheads, Chuckles, gold mine gum, Good N Plenty, Bit-O-Honey, Grapeheads, hot dog bubblegum, Jawbreakers, Tootsie Pops, Jujubes, JujyFruits, Lemonheads, Clark Bar, Milk Duds, Necco Wafers, Nik-L-Nip wax bottles, Pez, Dum Dum suckers, Fun Dip (also calked Lik-M-Aid), Pixy Stix, pumpkin seeds, Red Hots, Razzles, Ring Pop, Slo-Poke, Smarties, Pay Day bar, Sugar Babies, Sugar Daddy sucker, Sweetarts, Tootsie Roll, Twizzler licorice and wax lips.

    Olsen:: Huge Kebab sitdown
    Then he wrote to me either later in ‘68 or early ‘69 saying he was working on getting this building (307) and would I like to come and live there with him… he reserved the biggest room for me, and I moved over December 21, 1969. I wanted to move to England after having been there with you two. We all used to go up to a Greek café in Golborne road and have a fabulous huge kebab sitdown meal for 6 shillings… it would be the only meal of the day and really filled you up.

    By the way, one of my best friends over here… David Bailie, who I met in 1970, lives in Rugby Mansions, just around the corner from Avonmore Road in Bishop Kings road! He was the pirate with the parrot on his shoulder (“Cotton”) in all the Pirates of the Caribbean” movies…it certainly set him up for his retirement!

    House full of friends
    One of the guys who lived in 307 had a second-hand record stall in Kensington Market (I loved that place) and we used to go up there and visit with him during the day…but I can’t remember much else of what did together other than have the occasional jam. Quiver were rehearsing in the freezing, dank, dirty and small basement. Barney took the box room on the first landing and insisted it was what he wanted….just big enough for a single bed…he just liked having a house full of friends…and it was fun. But I moved in a girl fairly straight away and we started looking for a flat which we finally found in Barnes, and we lived there for 4 years and she lived there for another 3 and now lives in Sheen, so I was getting busy with my new life in my new country, and not too involved with Barney those first 5 months.
    And when we moved out in May of ‘70, I pretty much lost touch with Barney…. I may have seen him once or twice after that.

    Ringoes “Sure Rod.”
    Did you read or see where Ringo announced (he lives nearby…you should see his palace!) a few weeks ago that he wasn’t going to sing any more autographs? Well, at Kenney’s party, Rod Stewart walked over to Ringo’s table and said, “Ringo, can I have your autograph please?”
    • tttanja 5:43 am on November 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      i see that you are into art and design sort of stuff..
      I ran into this website a couple days ago and reading your blog i thought you would like come of the artists on here : http://www.graniph.com/en/artist/index.html

      take a look!

    • John Cowell 11:14 pm on November 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Me again. It was me who was in Kensington Market.

      • David Wills 12:36 pm on November 27, 2009 Permalink | Reply

        The building that Kensington Market was in, was at one time the store, called Blodds and Grump, or the like, and was where we bought out schoolboy uniforms for a boarding school from hell called improperly ‘Cokethorpe’, but was really Wooten Underwood Hall depending on what scam the fly by night ‘owner’ was up to.

    • davidwills 5:30 pm on March 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Related to the above stories, I think that Record John Cowel also used to live in Rugby Mansions, or close by, when Barney lived at Leigh Court in West Ken.

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